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New! Black Cow White Star

New! Black Cow White Star

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NEW CHEESE! Black Cow White Star, just launched. 

Crafted from the freshest morning milk from Jason’s herd of 250 West Dorset grass-grazed cows, Black Cow White Star is the result of a year of tasting and testing. This British soft white cheese features a natural bloomy rind and boasts a creamy flavour profile, complete with a soft, yellow curd that melds buttery and farmhouse tastes into a singular experience of molten pleasure. 

Created by co-founder Jason Barber, a fifth-generation dairy farmer and cheese maker, who’s family have been making cheddar longer than anyone else in the world, this exquisite new offering joins the The Black Cow family.

Black Cow White Star can be savoured on its own or paired with a Black Cow Strawberry Spritz, offering a refreshing contrast to the cheese’s creamy richness. Ideal for spreading on crackers or crusty bread, its Brie-style creaminess makes it a perfect centrepiece for any cheeseboard or a delicious baked treat.

We are only making a limited number - so secure yours now. 

Black Cow White Star, one 200g truckle.

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