We often get asked questions about our Pure Milk Vodka. You can find the answers to the commonly asked ones below. 

If your query isn’t answered here, please get in touch by emailing info@blackcow.co.uk. We will try our best to help.


Is the Black Cow distillery open for sales? 

Afraid not! If you want to buy our vodka locally, you can find us at Washingpool Farm Shop, Felicity's Farm Shop, Morrisons and Mole Avon in Dorchester.
What’s the nutritional information for Black Cow Vodka?
Units alcohol per 100ml - 4 units
Energy (kcal) per 100ml - 211
Energy (kj) per 100ml - 874
Sugar (g) per 100ml - < 0.1g
Available carbohydrate < 1g/100ml
Of which total sugars < 0.1g/100ml
Total carbohydrate: < 2g/100ml
Are there any carbs in Black Cow Vodka?
Please see our nutritional facts above.
Is your vodka lactose free? Is there any lactose left at all after distillation?
The fermentation and distillation process removes virtually all of the lactose. In analysis it shows as less than 6 parts per million of lactose. At such low levels it is considered safe for dairy / lactose intolerances. Caution should be exercised if severe reaction/anaphylaxes is caused by milk proteins, as sensitivity can differ between individuals.
Is Black Cow gluten free?

Black Cow vodka is made entirely from milk so is gluten free.

Are there any residual cow’s milk proteins in the vodka?
The proteins all but get removed in the fermentation and distillation process, leaving just a trace:
< 3 parts per million of casein
< 0.5 part per million of B-Lactoglobulin
Does the vodka have a best before date?
It is not a legal requirement to have a best before date on spirits.
However, if you can resist drinking it for that long it will be fine for at least 5 years.
Is your Black Cow Cheddar suitable for vegetarians?
Yes, the rennet used to separate the curds and whey in the milk is vegetarian rennet.
Is Black Cow Cheddar pasteurised?