Black Cow Vodka Negroni

The Black Cow Negroni celebrates the spontaneity of summer: one drink that turns into three, day that turns into night. It is exactly why we made our first ready-to-serve cocktail. No fuss, no preparation. All just in the moment.


An international take on an Italian sundowner

Drink it anywhere

Developed during lockdown, the Black Cow Negroni is an expression of what Black Cow founders Archie and Jason found themselves missing most: British summertime, Negroni in hand, good company and a view.

What is in it?

There is a wonderful brightness to the Black Cow Vodka Negroni. A smooth, clean finish, and a citrusy zing that speaks of summer. With English Black Cow vodka, Italian Campari and Spanish vermouth, the Black Cow Vodka Negroni takes you on a tour across Europe. With each sip a taste of sunnier climes.

Why Black Cow?

Black Cow is an innovative vodka made in West Dorset from the milk of grass-grazed cows. This unique process gives our vodka an exceptionally smooth and creamy character, the perfect canvas on which to build a Negroni.

Negroni_Beach_Crop copy.jpg

How to drink it

Our first ready-to-drink cocktail, the Black Cow Vodka Negroni can be served straight from the bottle with very little preparation. Ice and an orange come in handy.

Straight up

Simply pour over a large cube of ice, stir and garnish with a slice of orange.

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With soda

For a longer drink, top up with a premium soda water and serve with a slice of orange.

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