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Whey has historically been the problem child of the dairy industry. There is an excess produced in the cheese making process. We take this under-valued by-product and turn it into a superior premium vodka. We take great pride in our economical use of nature's bounty. 

Black Cow is the perfect partner for pairing with food. The mineral-free nature of our vodka gives it an incredible softness that holds delicate flavours beautifully.

Good food and drink comes from the great outdoors: from the fields, oceans and woodlands. Great food comes from healthy soil, clean water and thriving habitats. That’s why we are concerned about the estimated 8.5 billion plastic straws that are used every year in the UK.

Plastic straws are among the top 10 items found in beach clean-ups, often taking hundreds of years to decompose. That doesn't seem right to us, so we're offering an alternative with our gold plated stainless steel ones - reusable and portable, you can take them with you wherever you go! Find out more about our exclusive Gold Straw Gift Packs.


How Black Cow is made by animator, Cat Bruce




Jason barber


The charismatic inventor of Pure Milk Vodka and face of the brand. As a farmer, running his own dairy farm, Jason has utilised all of his skills and contacts to set up, maintain and run the production side of Black Cow.

His family background in farming and cheese making are, of course, reflected in the Black Cow process. The world’s oldest surviving family of cheddar makers, the Barber family have been making cheese and producing milk for over 200 years. 


Paul 'Archie' Archard


Trained at Chelsea School of Art in sculpture, Archie has worked as an artist, production designer and commercial director, running his own production company for a number of years.

His production experience in Los Angeles and London saw him creating acclaimed work, dealing with foreign crews and working in a diverse selection of locations around the world. Archie’s direction, drive and creative flair has fuelled the motion and trajectory of Black Cow.