Summer Cocktail

Created by Dustin MacMillan.
Summer has an abundance on offer when it comes to fruits and flowers, together creating complete and utter nostalgia. This particular collaboration is a classic. All of the produce in this drink can be found in the West Country of England, with blueberries and lavender both in season during the long hot July days, complimented with an icy cold sorbet scoop. Not only is this refreshingly delicious it's also visually stunning.



 Black Cow vodka, 30ml
Blueberry sorbet, 1 scoop
Perry cider, 1 bottle
Lavender, 1 sprig

Step by step

Scoop 1 portion of sorbet into any glass.
Open the bottle of Perry cider and pour into the glass.
Let the sorbet rise to the rim of the glass and slowly begin to melt with the bubbles.
Garnish with  lavender blossom

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For the sorbet

Blueberries, 250g
Caster sugar, 90g
Water, 100g

Bring all the ingredients to a simmer in a metal pot, allowing the berries to break their skin, stirring occasionally.

Pour into a metal container, cover and place in the freezer until frozen solid. Then turn on an ice cream maker for the final sorbet factor and place in a plastic container, keeping it in the freezer ready to use whenever you fancy a scoop.

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