Smoke and Spice

IMG_1276b.jpgThe third in our series of bespoke Valentine's Day cocktails. Smoke and Spice was created by Black Cow for D, from H.

The magic of cocktails is that you can bottle a time or a place, revisiting them at any time through their flavours. This short, smoky number is full spice, yet of the quiet kind; made for somebody with an unrivalled kindness, particularly this year. Spending most days caring for others in intensive care wards, thousands of miles from home, it takes a special person to still come home with a smile.


The cocktail

Black Cow, 50ml

Lemon juice, 20ml

Smoky syrup, 15ml

Fresh lemongrass, to garnish

Lemon thyme, to garnish

Kaffir leaf, to garnish

The smoky syrup

Lapsang Souchong, loose leaf, 15g

Fresh ginger, chopped, 1/4

Star anise, 1

Honey, 1 cup

Water, 1 cup

Step by step

The smoky syrup

Add all of the ingredients to a pan on a simmer for 5 minutes, this will allow the honey to dissolve and the tea to infuse. Then strain and bottle.


The cocktail

Shake all the ingredients together in a cocktail shaker with ice.


Strain and pour into a coupe glass.


Garnish with fresh lemongrass, a sprig or two of lemon thyme and a kaffir leaf.


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