Lilac's Botanical Blush

This cocktail from Francisco at Lilac Lyme Regis is everything an aperitivo should be. Light and refreshing yet complex, it's a wonderful pre-dinner cocktail.


Black Cow vodka,  50ml 
Campari,  15ml
Knightor Vermouth Rosso,  25ml
Lovage syrup,  50ml 
Lemon juice,  25ml
Orange juice,  10ml 
Garnish with dried grapefruit

Step by step

To make the lovage syrup, get a handful of fresh Lovage, 500ml water 500ml caster sugar then boil, let it reduce a bit.
Put all the ingredients in the shaker with ice, shake for 15 sec. and double strain on to a old fashioned size glass
Garnish with dehydrated red grapefruit slice

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