Gold Fashioned

Invented by Michele Reina, available at Skylon, London.

The flavour profile is a twist of the classic Old Fashioned, using barrel-aged vodka to give an oaky sensation. The Amaro Tosolini gives the bitterness, and the sweetness is enhanced by salted caramel. The butterscotch candy plays with the mouthfeel - adding a creamy and buttery sensation that works with the vodka and the syrup. Stir with the cinnamon stick to bring out the herb and spice of the Amaro.



Black Cow vodka (Barrel-aged, optional), 45ml
Amaro Tosolini, 10ml
Salted caramel, 10ml


Step by step

Stir over ice in a mixing glass.
Strain over an ice block in a rocks glass.
Garnish with orange peel and burning cinnamon stick, and butterscotch candy on the side.
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