Baroque's Jurassic Mary

Bloody Mary

The total blend of ingredients is a house secret, but the recipe features Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka, tomato juice, freshly squeezed lime, and an array of spices. We invite everyone to experiment and find their perfect blend:

Essential ingredients

Black Cow vodka, 300ml (six 50ml shots)
Carton of tomato juice
Celery with leaves on
Three fresh limes squeezed
Celery salt 
Freshly ground black pepper
Ground Dorset sea salt 
Plenty of Worcester sauce 
Several drops of Tabasco 
Plenty of ice cubes
Makes a pitcher - six servings

Step by step

Fill a large glass jug (litre) with the tomato juice and Black Cow.
Add the lime, celery salt and stir. Then continue to add ingredients, tasting as you go until it's perfectly seasoned to your liking. 
Add ice, stir and garnish with celery sticks and fresh lime wedges. 

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