Introducing Dustin Macmillan

Dustin MacMillan

How did you hear about Black Cow?
It wasn't a fact of hearing about it, for me it was everywhere, visible on Mark Hix's bar walls, menu covers and drinks list. When I started working for Mark my world of discovery had truly begun in seeking out the best producers and products this land has to offer.

What’s your favourite way to drink Black Cow?
In a martini, dry as a bone! When you find something so pure, I always like to let its presence speak for itself. Too many are pressured into altering its state to create a Frankenstein hybrid monstrosity ruining its true intentions.

How do people react when you introduce them to Black Cow?
Wtf!? Sorry can you go through that one more time... They can't believe the process or genius behind it. Once they do try it I love witnessing how Black Cow reacts with them, forever changed, left wanting more.

What’s the weirdest concoction you’ve ever drank?
It was one of my own. At Hix's, we have a classic dish of De Beauvoir smoked salmon, I used the skin from the fish to infuse with Black Cow vodka, you did ask for weird! You would be right to imagine the vodka would taste fishy but instead it picked up the flavours of the smoked cure we use and once fat washed was rather delectable, then without wasting a thing I used the skin and made crackling to serve on the side as a garnish. I know this goes against my earlier statement of leaving things pure but sometimes its fun to have a play around and see what happens.

What’s the strangest order you have ever been asked to make at the bar?
We're in a strange business, I would be scared if bizarre requests weren't sheepishly uttered in my direction. I've heard it all, I guess it's down to what your definition of strange is.

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