Vodka cured salmon

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This recipe is by Josh Eggleton


Serves 6

Salmon – thick end of the fillet, pin boned & skinned, 500g
Black Cow vodka, 200ml
Lemon zest and juice, 1
Lime zest and juice, 1
Grapefruit, skinned segments, 1
Sea salt, 60g
Caster sugar, 40g
Vegetable Oil
Honey, runny, tsp
1 handful of rock samphire
Thumb size sprigs of dill, 12
Extra virgin rapeseed oil

Step by step

Brush the salmon fillet with half of the vodka. Blitz the lemon and lime zest, salt and sugar together in a food blender to make the cure.

Layer the bottom of a metal oven tray with half the salt cure, then lay the fillet of salmon on top, cover with the remaining salt cure and place in the fridge for 2.5 hours without covering it.

Meanwhile, make a citrus dressing. Pour the lemon and lime juice into a large clean jam jar - this is 1 part of the dressing. Then add 2 parts vegetable oil, 1 part extra virgin rapeseed oil, 1 part water and the honey and a pinch of salt. Screw the lid on, shake vigorously and test the balance - add more oil if too sour or more citrus juice if too oily. You can also add more honey and salt to taste. Set aside. You will have more dressing than you’ll require for this recipe but it will keep well in the fridge and work with any salad.

Take the salmon out of the tray, rinse under cold water, pat dry and place on a clean chopping board. Take a blow torch and char the grapefruit segments. This recipe works very well without the blow torched grapefruit too. Now slice through the salmon fillet at 2.5-3mm intervals so you are left with thin slices of salmon.

Place the sliced salmon in the centre of each plate, brush again with the remaining vodka and garnish with the grapefruit segments, rock samphire and dill. Finally, spoon a few teaspoons of the citrus dressing over the salmon and serve.


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