Through the meadows


A delicious martini from our friends at Ugly Butterfly.

"I have always rated Black Cow vodka from its early days, since creating a cocktail for them ages ago. I am now running the stunning bar at Ugly Butterfly by Adam Handling in Carbis bay, St Ives, Cornwall. I've used our local / sustainable / luxury philosophy and Why Waste? ethos to bring a new drink to the mix in the shape of 'Through the meadows'" - Josh Linfitt, Ugly Butterfly.


Black Cow vodka, 50ml
Jasmine sweet Vermouth, 10ml
2 drops Cornish lemon oil



Mixing Black Cow's super creamy vodka with a homemade Vermouth, using wasted wine (slightly oxidised wine), Jasmine pearl tea and sticks, stems, peels and other kitchen offcuts.
Once mixed together, add 10% dilution to the final amount, pour it into a bottle and store it in the freezer, to pour straight from there.
This method allows us the ultimate consistency and ability to bring down temperatures that would otherwise be impossible, simply by shaking or stirring this silky smooth martini. This also adds incredible amounts of mouthfeel / texture.
We then finish with a few drops of our signature Cornish lemon oil, which adds huge aromatics and looks great.
Running as a special this January at Ugly Butterfly in St Ives.
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