The Gentleman's Gambit


The first in our series of bespoke Valentine’s Day cocktails. The Gentleman’s gambit was Designed by Black Cow for C, from P.

Incredibly strong flavours with a delicate touch that hold their own. When paired with the sweet wild cherry, bitter citrus oils and sour flesh you have a cocktail that speaks volumes without having to say a word.


The cocktail

Black Cow, 50ml

Rooibos tea, 25ml

Black cherry mead, 15ml

Pink grapefruit and orange , 1 wedge of each + zest from each

Red chilli, a quarter

Caramelised pecan and fermented cherry garnish

Served in a tumbler with a square ice sphere

The caramelised pecans

Whole pecans, 100g

Soft brown sugar, 2 tbsp

Runny honey, 1 tbsp

The sweet pickled cherries

Cherries, 500g

Cinnamon, ½ stick

Black peppercorns, 6

White wine vinegar, 300ml

Granulated sugar, 350g

Step by step

The cocktail

Add the Black Cow, rooibos tea, cherry mead and chilli to a cocktail shaker.

Twist the orange and grapefruit zest into the shaker, adding the peel.

Squeeze the juice from the orange and the grapefruit wedges into the shaker.

Shake and then pour over ice.

Garnish with caramelised pecans a pickled cherries.

The caramelised pecans

Toast the pecans first on a low heat until you can begin to smell the aroma they give off, remove from the pan.

Squeeze the honey and add the brown sugar to the pan, stirring until the sugar has dissolved.

Place the pecans back in the pan and completely coat them.


The sweet pickled cherries

Prick each Cherry, and place in a pan on a medium heat. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir until the sugar has dissolved.

Put the cherries in a clean jar and remove the spices.

Heat the liquid up further until it begins to take on a syrup like mixture. Allow to cool then pour over the cherries.


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