Beachcomber’s Crumble


The second in our series of bespoke Valentine's Day cocktails. The Beachcomber’s Crumble was created by Black Cow, for E, from A.

Taking inspiration from the coastal waves of the South West, the Beachcomber’s Crumble stands out with its energetic flavours. A naturally sweet cocktail with seasonal ingredients that flawlessly washes over one another, it’s a drink that tastes all the better with the luxury of time.


The cocktail

Black Cow + English Strawberries, 50ml

Rhubarb and cardamom purée, 20ml

(Prepare this in advance, see recipe below)

Lemon juice, 20ml

Single cream, 20ml

Vanilla extract, 2 drops

Egg white, from 1 egg

Top with bubbles – soda water

A dusting of nutmeg to garnish

The rhubarb and cardamom syrup

Fresh rhubarb chopped, 1.5 cups

Water, 1 cup

Granulated white sugar, 3/4 cup

Green cardamom pods, 10

Step by Step

The rhubarb and cardamom syrup

Slightly roast the cardamom seeds on a medium heat, add the rest of the ingredients and stir.

Simmer for 10 minutes, bring off the heat and sieve through a strainer.

Allow to cool before bottling and place in the fridge. 


The cocktail

Pour all the ingredients into a shaker and shake with ice.

Remove the ice and dry shake.

With one hand pour the mixture from the shaker into a highball glass, with the other hand simultaneously pour soda water into the same glass. Do this slowly to make sure it does not fizz over the edge of the glass.

Grate nutmeg over top to garnish and serve.


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