Rudolph's Nose



Makes 10 smallish tumblers

Black Cow + English Strawberries vodka, 100ml 

Frozen cranberries, 200g

Limoncello, 200ml

 Sparkling water, 600ml

Four tablespoons golden caster sugar

Ten frozen blackberries, to garnish 

A few sprigs lemon thyme, to garnish

Plenty of ice

Step by step

Blend the cranberries, Limoncello and sugar together in an electric mixer until you have a fine puree and then sieve into a jug.

Use a wooden spoon to press the pulp so you get as much of the juice as possible out of the cranberries. Discard the pulp, chill and keep until ready to serve.

Just before serving add the vodka and sparkling water to the jug and serve with ice, a blackberry and a few leaves of lemon thyme.


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