Oyster & Samphire Martini

Dive into coastal flavours with this exquisite blend of Black Cow, vermouth infused with crushed oyster shells, fresh oysters, and samphire. A wonderful reflection of Lyme Regis, in a cocktail.


Black Cow vodka, 60ml
Vermouth infused with crushed oyster shells
Fresh oysters
Fresh samphire


Step by step

To make the vermouth, crush 4-6 oyster shells in 250ml dry vermouth and leave for 48 hours. Fine strain (through a cheese cloth) before use. 
Combine vodka and vermouth into a mixer with ice. Stir vigorously.
Add a couple of strands of samphire.
Fine strain into cooled martini glass. Serve with a strand of samphire and a fresh oyster on the side.

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 to make at home.
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