Magic Milk Punch


 It’s that magical time, marking the end of the harvest season and our descent into the darker half of the year - All Hallow’s Eve or Halloween - time to go guising, bobbing for apples and make offerings to the spirits that have long since departed with food and drink and warm hospitality. We can’t think of a better way to raise the spirits than THIS magical milk punch!

…and so with a nod to milk-loving faeriefolk and wandering souls we have this wonderful Halloween recipe, a heavenly mix of Black Cow vodka, whole milk, cream, honey, lavender tea & vanilla. Milk, which in pagan culture symbolised new life and was considered sacred, pure and often offered to placate magical spectres and powerful spirits; honey which in some forms of folk magic, is used to sweeten someone’s feelings towards you; vanilla, whose magic includes personal empowerment, good fortune, and mental stimulation; and lavender for its calming, healing and purification properties to create a warming and power enhancing punch


Makes six small servings

Black Cow vodka, 150ml 

Delicious fresh whole milk, 200ml

Finest double cream, 200ml

Honey (more or less to taste), 30ml 

1/2 a vanilla bean, split & scraped

Strong brewed lavender tea, 200ml

Lavender buds for garnish (optional)

Step by step

Brew a pot of strong lavender tea. You can make your own with dried/fresh lavender.

Allow to sit for 10 minutes then strain and add the honey.

Stir to dissolve the honey. Once dissolved combine with the vanilla, milk and cream and heat through gently until a froth forms. Do not boil.

Add the Black Cow, stir and serve into small teacups. This can also be served chilled - shake the cream and cooled tea to create an extravagant froth.


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