Heaven + Earth - A Collection Of Drinks


Heaven Earth


Our Black Cow Heaven + Earth cocktails are a collection of drinks inspired by one of Mark HIX's favourite dishes, based upon himmel und erder, a popular German dish. Mark's version consists of wild boar and black pudding on a bed of crushed apples and potatoes. The silky black pudding is the heaven (himmel) upon the earth (erder) of crushed up apples and potatoes. When one ingredient comes from above and the other from below, the spirit then meets in the middle. The key philosophy is to try to have no more than three main ingredients; anymore and you lose the essence of what you’re creating and run the risk of muddying the flavours you are trying to enhance.
Blueberry & Lavender
50ml Black Cow Vodka
25ml Lime
15ml Blueberry Syrup
Garnish with lavender
Sea Buckthorn & Orange
50ml Black Cow Vodka
10ml Sea Buckthorn
20ml Orange Juice
10ml Honey
10ml Lemon
Garnish with orange zest
Strawberry & Jasmine
50ml Black Cow Vodka
20ml Lemon
20ml Strawberry infused Jasmine purée
Pea & Elderflower
50ml Black Cow Vodka infused with peas
15ml Lime Juice
15ml Elderflower Cordial
3 Mint Leaves
Created by Dustin MacMillan
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