Dirty Beets


For the molasses 
Serves six
1.5kg golden caster sugar
900ml water
3 beetroots, chopped into small chunks
2 vanilla pods, sliced in half lengthways
 For the cocktail 
Black Cow vodka, 200ml (25ml each serving)
Juice from one large lemon or two smaller lemons
Vanilla and beetroot molasses, 100ml 
Six bar spoons of marmalade
One bottle of English sparkling wine
A handful of ice
A dehydrated blood orange wheel and a piece of marjoram for garnish 

Step by step

Add all ingredients for the molasses to pan and simmer over a high heat until the mixture has reduced to about 700ml.
Remove from heat, strain through a sieve and put aside.
Once the molasses has cooled pour 100ml into a mixing jug along with all the other ingredients, except the English sparkling wine.
Give a good stir and add ice.
Fill the glasses up about halfway with the mix and top up with the fizz.
Finally, place the dehydrated blood orange slice floating in the middle with the fresh marjoram resting in the centre.
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