Destination Cocktail: Light Fog by Light Bar


Just as bars and restaurants fire back up again, Black Cow’s roving Destination Cocktail is making a comeback! The series highlights a handful of industry greats mixing Black Cow up and down the country. It’s also an excuse for us to sample a cocktail or two…

Light Bar

Light Bar is set in an 1893 old Victorian power station in Shoreditch, London. It serves up British food and drink using seasonal produce from local suppliers and quality producers, Black Cow included.

We dropped in to sample its Light Fog cocktail. Watch the film of the cocktail being mixed below.


The cocktail

Black Cow vodka, 50ml

Falernum – house-made, 20ml

Cinnamon, over-proof dark rum, banana, chopping board waste and spices.

Passionfruit, 10ml 

Fresh lime juice, 25ml 

The fancy fixing (garnish)

Banana leaf dress

Angostura bitters

Caster sugar

Serve in a martini/coupe style glass, straight up

Step by step

Dash a few drops of Angostura bitters into a bowl of caster sugar and mix.


Rub a wedge of a lime around the rim of the glass and gently dip the glass into the sugar to fully cover the rim of the glass.


Pour all other ingredients into a cocktail shaker, add cubed ice and shake.


Double strain into glass and garnish with banana leaf around the stem of the glass.


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