Buckstar Martini

Buckstar Martini | Black Cow vodka
Crafted by Dustin MacMillan originally for Mark Hix, this twist on the loved Pornstar Martini substitutes passion fruit flown in from afar with locally sourced Cornish Seaberries. As a result, not only does this variation exude a more refined taste, but it's also less of a hangover for the planet.


 Black Cow vodka, 50ml
Sea buckthorn juice, 15ml
Fresh lime juice, 5ml
English sparkling wine & vanilla reduction, 20ml

Step by step

For the sparkling wine & vanilla reduction
1 bottle of leftover or flat sparkling wine
Caster sugar, 200g
1 tsp vanilla paste

Shake all ingredients hard with ice. 

Double strain into a coupe. 

Serve with a shot of English Sparkling wine, best added straight into drink!

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