Black Cow Spiked Classic Vanilla Milk Shake

Black Cow Classic Vanilla Milk Shake
Entertaining family and friends?... Entertain yourself in the process by spiking this classic Vanilla Milk Shake recipe fittingly with our Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka.  So simple and tastes excellent! Creamy and delicious, this vanilla milkshake is anything but basic.


Vanilla ice cream,  355ml
Gloriously whole milk,  237ml
Vanilla extract,  1 tsp
Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka,  50ml
Whipped cream and fresh fruit.

Step by step

Blitz the ice cream, milk and vanilla extract in a blender until combined, thick and fluffy. 
Add the desired Black Cow and stir well.
 Pour into appropriately adult drinking vessels.
Top with whipped cream followed by strawberry slices blueberries and a cherry.
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