The Black Cow Cure

Cure2.jpgThe Black Cow Cure was created at The Savoy by Angelo Sparvoli especially for Cure3.


Bitter truth celery bitters, 3 dashes
Green tea syrup*, 10ml
Verjus, 10ml
Umeshu Choya, 10ml
Black Cow vodka, 40ml
Top up with Furleigh Estate sparkling wine

Step by step

Stir all the ingredients apart from the sparkling wine.
Pour into a rock glass over cubed ice.
Top up with sparkling wine.
Discard a grapefruit zest to garnish.
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*Green tea syrup
500 ml hot water
3 green tea bags
1 kg caster sugar

Brew the tea for 2-3 minutes.
Take the tea bags out. Dissolve 1kg of caster sugar.
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