Barber + Pear

Invented by Tommaso Cicala of Plateau, London.
Black Cow is uniquely matched with nutty flavours from the Amontillado sherry, teamed with gentle nutmeg and cinnamon spice from the pear syrup. The bitter balance comes from tonic water to lengthen the serve.

The caramelised pear adds a sweetness and gentle fruit flavour, matching the richness of the sherry and creamy textured vodka. Add a little Black Cow Cheese to linger those nut flavours a bit more, and extra creamy mouth feel!



Black Cow Vodka, 40ml
Amontillado sherry, 15ml
Spiced Pear syrup, 20ml
Top tonic water
Lemon wedge
Caramelised pear
Black Cow Cheese

Step by step

Build in a highball glass over cubed ice.
Top with tonic water and garnish with caramelised pear.
Lemon juice optional.
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