Black Cow Espresso Martini | A Love Story

The perfect pairing: Coffee and The 'World’s Smoothest Vodka'

When coffee met Black Cow pure milk vodka

Back in the booze-soaked streets of 1980s Soho a cocktail legend was born. A now infamous bartender, decided to combine fresh espresso with vodka.

Now, the Espresso Martini is one of the world’s most requested cocktails sitting comfortably within the top 10 most popular cocktails, at #5 (Nielsen, 2022.) The Espresso Martini was also the fourth most searched for cocktail on the Diffords Guide last year showing its ongoing growth in popularity!

Our Three-Ingredient Black Cow Espresso Martini is a simple, elevated version of a classic. Irresistibly smooth Black Cow pure milk vodka combined with rich coffee and pure maple syrup, it packs just the right amount of punch coated in luxury. A more classic pairing, coffee and milk, we cannot find and we have been enjoying this wonderfully effortless combination since we created the world’s smoothest vodka 10 years ago.

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