Black Cow Vodka 50cl (Three) + Black Cow & English Strawberries 50cl (Three)

Black Cow Vodka 50cl (Three) + Black Cow & English Strawberries 50cl (Three)

Black Cow
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Stock up on your favourite Black Cow vodka with this mixed six-bottle bundle deal!

Containing three bottles of our original Black Cow vodka (50cl) and three Black Cow & English Strawberries vodka (50cl), this bundle is available exclusively online and saves you £30

Black Cow is the world's only Pure Milk Vodka. Zero waste to wonderful taste; made entirely with what's left-over from cow's milk after making cheese, Black Cow is so deliciously smooth precisely because we use this milk as our single source ingredient. And what's more Black Cow creates a delightful dairy circular economy.  

With an exceptionally smooth and creamy character you can sip it neat, or mix it in a long drink or cocktail.

Black Cow & English Strawberries: With no added sugar or sweeteners, our strawberry vodka is flavoured naturally by the fruit. Nothing like other jammy vodkas. Locally sourced, leftover or misshapen English strawberries that would otherwise go to waste are pressed and infused in Black Cow to create a fresh, light, natural vodka with the unmistakable taste of freshly picked strawberries. 

Click here for a list of recipes.

This bundle comprises:

  • 3x 50cl bottles of Black Cow, 40% ABV.
  • 3x 50cl bottles of Black Cow & English Strawberries, 37.5% ABV.

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