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Black Cow Family Bundle

Black Cow Family Bundle

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Get a bottle of each of our signature vodka and save 20%!

At a 20% discount, the family bundle is an invitation to explore the award-winning range of Black Cow vodkas.

What’s in the Box:

Black Cow vodka (50cl): Indulge in the world’s smoothest vodka. Our Pure Milk vodka has an exceptional smooth, creamy character, perfect enjoyed by itself or in an Espresso Martini.

Black Cow Negroni (50cl): Black Cow Pure Milk vodka, Campari and vermouth, adorned with a secret blend of natural bitters - our first ready to serve cocktail.

Black Cow & English Strawberries (50cl): Sip the essence of summer with our Pure Milk vodka infused with the natural freshness of locally sourced, perfectly imperfect strawberries.

Black Cow Christmas Spirit (50cl): A toast to autumn, marrying the world’s smoothest vodka with the rich, warming flavours of fruits and spices.

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