Waste Not Want Not

“Whilst we're all stuck at home, it can be hard to think of new ways to use the same old ingredients, and also make sure nothing we've bought goes to waste. Getting involved with Black Cow's Waste Not, Want Not series felt like the perfect way to give the general public a few lighthearted, and hopefully helpful, tips and tricks to use up household ingredients in new and fun ways. What's even better is that it's all about helping chefs who are currently out of work, such as myself, and allowing us to do what we love and use our skills.”

Mark Hix

Black Cow cheddar & pickled walnut salad
with Mark Hix
1/2 pickled walnut
Black Cow Deluxe Cheddar
Selection of live salad
You can grow salad anywhere, all you need is a window. It will taste so much better than anything you can buy. You can use any other pickle you have if you haven’t got pickled walnuts. It’s really very simple and you should give it a go.


Black Cow cheddar & vodka fondue
with Mark Hix
Double cream, 250g
Black Cow Cheddar, 200g
Black Cow vodka, 80-100ml
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
6-8 Dorset Knobs (a hard, savoury, biscuit), carefully cut into four pieces
You could also add in any cheese you have lying arounds – with this dish, the possibilities are endless.
Canederli (italian bread dumplings)
with Mitshel Ibrahim of Ombra
Stale bread, 250g
Speck or prosciutto (optional), 150g
Large onion, 1
Eggs, 2
Water (for the dumpling mix), 150ml
Half a cup of Black Cow Vodka
Pecorino or parmesan, 100g
Few leaves of wild garlic (chopped roughly) + flowers if available
Fresh peas (keep the pods), 300g
Bay leaves, 2

Pineapple-vodka sorbet
with Mircel McSween of The Court, Soho.
Sorbet base
Liquid Glucose, 125g
Caster sugar, 310g
Water, 335g
Zest of 1 lime
Black Cow vodka, 150ml
Pineapple Puree
Fresh or frozen pineapple, 500g
Reserved caster sugar, 4 tbsp
Sorbet Base, 250g
Beef Rib-Eye
with Andrew Wong of A. Wong.
Splash of Soy sauce
Splash of Oyster Sauce
Beef Ribeye Steak
Pinch of salt & pepper
with Lara Santo of SILO, London.
Pineapple rind
Any other leftover fruit
Two sticks of Cinnamon
Ginger peel
Cane or Dark Muscovado sugar, 450g
One stick of lemongrass
Water, 2.5ltr
add Black Cow vodka and ice to drink
Black Cow cured bass
with Elliott Grover of Duck & Waffle.
Black cow vodka
One diced apple
Sea Bass trim
Red onion
Microherbs to garnish
Penne alla vodka
with Roberta D’Elia of Pasta Evangelists.
Black Cow vodka
One shallot
Parmesan grated on top to serve
Leeks & whey
with Matthew Scott of Cub.
Leeks, fried.
Leek kimchi
Leek oil
Black Cow whey
Beef chilli lasagne
with local Somerset chef Jean-Paul de Ronne.
Black Cow cheddar
Black Cow vodka
Tomato puree
Leftover beef
Kidney beans
Pinto beans
Chilli jam
Jalapeños on top to serve