Signature Serves

At Black Cow we celebrate the versatility of vodka; its utility allows for experimentation. Cook with it, mix all number of drinks with it, or simply sip it neat. Below, our tried and tested Signature Serves.

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INGREDIENTS | 50ml Black Cow, 40ml fresh, cooled coffee and 15ml maple syrup.
METHOD | Put all three ingredients in a cocktail shaker, along with a handful of ice. Shake hard and pour into a martini glass. Leave for a few minutes to fully settle. Garnish with one or two coffee beans.
INGREDIENTS | 50ml Black Cow, on ice. A slab of Black Cow Deluxe Cheddar.
ABOUT | To experience The Whole Milk, pair a slab of Black Cow Deluxe Cheddar with a measure of our Pure Milk Vodka. We make cheese by separating milk into curds and whey. The curds make our Deluxe Cheddar, and the whey makes our exceptionally smooth Pure Milk Vodka.
INGREDIENTS | 50ml Black Cow, juice of half a lime, lime zest, soda water to top.
METHOD | Fill a tall glass with ice. Add all the ingredients, except the soda. Stir until chilled, then top with soda water.
INGREDIENTS | 70ml Black Cow, 7ml dry vermouth, 7ml olive brine, keep a small bowl of olives at arm’s reach to garnish. Plenty of cubed ice.
METHOD | Fill the martini glass with ice to chill the glass and set aside. Pour all the ingredient into a mixing glass, add enough cubed ice to nearly fill the mixing glass. Begin to stir counter clockwise with a long spoon.
After about 20 seconds there will come a moment when the ice just seems to become one with the liquid, when this moment occurs add a few more cubes of ice, stirring for a further 20 seconds or so.
Taste your martini to see if it’s diluted to your liking. If so, get rid of the ice from the martini glass then pour the contents of the mixing glass through a strainer and into the martini glass. Garnish with an olive or two.
INGREDIENTS | 50ml Black Cow, 25ml sweet sherry, tomato juice, a good splash Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce, a good splash of Tabasco, black pepper, lemon juice.

METHOD | Add all the ingredients to a jug and give a good stir. Apply some lemon juice around the rim of the glass and grind that pepper onto it. Pour your Bloody Mary mixture from the jug into a tall glass, over some ice. Garnish with a pickled chilli.