Black Cow at Home

Elevate your isolation! Here we’ll be showing you how to create delectable cocktails using simple ingredients that you can find in your own cupboards and fridges.


Week 1. The Dirty Cow

Black Cow Ambassador Dustin Macmillan guides you through the steps to make your very own Dirty Cow cocktail in the comfort of your own home.

Week 2. The Espresso Martini

This week Dustin creates our iconic Espresso Martini, a delicious cocktail that uses only three ingredients.

Week 3. The Stiff Upper Lip

This week's Black Cow at Home cocktail is lean and very green - it's our delicious pea-based Stiff Upper Lip!

Week 4. The Dorset Donkey

Our twist on a Moscow Mule - the Dorset Donkey! The classic combination of lime & ginger is sweetened by cherry juice, giving this drink it's tempting blush colour.

Week 5. The Strawberry Old Fashioned

This week for Black Cow at Home we're mixing it up and using our summer variant Black Cow + English Strawberries to create this deliciously simple Strawberry Old Fashioned

Week 6. French Martini

We're going slightly disco-themed with this week's Black Cow at Home cocktail.. Presenting the French Martini, a fruity little number made using only three ingredients, a simple yet delicious treat!

Week 7. Three Citrus Collins

“It’s sweet, sour, it’s a bit salty, oily and herbal!” Basically this drink ticks all the flavour boxes.


Week 8. Pornstar Martini

Just the ticket to get your weekend started with this fizzy and fruity number.


Week 9. Strawberry Sour

This week we used our zero-waste Strawberry vodka to create a delicious, frothy and incredibly simple Strawberry Sour.


Week 10. Black Cow Earl Grey Iced Tea

Perfect for sipping in a sunny garden, this boozy iced tea recipe is ideal for making in a jug for sharing.