Introducing Christopher Day

Christopher Day

Introducing Christopher Day
06 October 2017
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Meet our Black Cow ambassador in LA, California.

How did you hear about Black Cow?
I first discovered Black Cow at the 2015 Art Beyond the Glass event in Los Angeles, where Joe Keeper was hosting Archie and Black Cow at his retail booth. Archie was pouring out vodka and samples of the cheddar and I was immediately blown away by the history and simple elegance of the vodka when paired with the cheese. As a jaded bartender who had thought he'd never be interested in vodka again: it was an incredibly educating and humbling experience.

What’s your favourite way to drink Black Cow?
"Chilled, with cheese and charcuterie" would be the easy (and obvious answer). But recently, I came up with a nice tipple that reminds me of my visit to the distillery in Childhay, which I call the Dorset Down. It is Black Cow Vodka with a touch of honey, gentian liquor (Suze or Salers), which I then stir on the rocks and top with a pinch of salt and a grapefruit peel.

How do people react when you introduce them to Black Cow?
It always raises a few eyebrows to hear that something is made of milk. But when they're reminded that all sugars can ferment, and hear the process and story behind it, they tend to warm up to trying it and are subsequently amazed by the grassy, creamy texture. I'd even say about 30% of those people go so far as to attest to it being the, "smoothest vodka" they've ever tried. From an entirely objective perspective, I don't think they're wrong.

What’s the weirdest concoction you’ve ever drank?
Though it's not weird by modern standards, a few years ago when I first tried Don Lee's "Benton's Old Fashioned," (bacon fat-washed 4 Roses bourbon, raw maple syrup and bitters) at PDT in New York, it was one of the weirdest, tastiest, and mind-opening experienced I had had. 

Since then, fat-washing spirits has almost become common place, but the practice still has tons of new and weird possibilities. Next time in I'm England, remind me to make you my Butter Beer with brown-butter washed Black Cow and pub ale... 

What’s the strangest order you have ever been asked to make at the bar?

A few years ago, a gentleman sat at the bar I was working in at the time in downtown LA and asked for a Redbull Vodka, to which I had to reluctantly inform him that we had no energy drinks. 

Without so much as a pause, he said, "A Vieux Carré, then, please."

His unflinching jump from wanting a club drink to 'settling' for an esoteric classic as his fall-back taught me in that moment never to judge a person for what they order. Ever.

Jemma Moran