'National Park Cup'

This is the winning cocktail from our Gold Top Cocktail competition 2016. The creator is Manachain Monaghan from Monk Bar in Buxton. Mani took the judges on a real journey with his Black cow cocktail, evoking the memory of a trip around the national park with his father. 

- - - 

50ml Black Cow Vodka
10ml Sancerre
15ml Lactose sugar syrup
Small pick of fresh wild rocket
Salted Caol Ila 12yr old
5 drops of foodsafe bergamot essential oil
Sprig fresh rosemary
Celery salt

Paired with:
Smoked salmon
Horse Radish

Prepare a coupe by liberally spritzing the outside with the salted Caol Ila. Garnish with a little celery salt. Gently press the rocket with a bar spoon in a mixing glass with the vodka, white wine and sugar syrup. Stir with cubed ice until well chilled.

Fine strain in to the prepared coupe.  Garnish with 4/5 drops of bergamot oil on the surface. Before serving, tie the rosemary sprig to the coupe stem and char. Serve on a slate with the food pairing.

Black Cow