Created by  Sevi Marshall from The Strait and Narrow in Lincoln for our Gold Top Cocktail competition 2016 final. Sevi impressed everyone with her confident delivery and  superb drink... she only missed the winner's cup by a cows whisker!

- - - 

65ml Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka
20ml home-made blueberry conserve
2 drops lavender bitters
Oak-smoked honey drizzled on the inside of the glass
Cardamom and spiced apple infused bee pollen

Stir Black Cow and blueberry conserve to ensure even consistency of flavour throughout the drink Add 2 dashes of lavender bitters to the mix and rest. Using a honey dipper, cover the inside of be glass with oak-smoked honey Spray the outside of the glass with sugar water and cover with infused bee pollen Stir the vodka, conserve and bitters with ice until chilled; double strain into the glass Serve straight up.

Black Cow