'Ducking for Apples'

Created for the Gold Top Cup 2016  by Georgina Thresh of Tariff and Dale in Manchester. Georgina impressed the judges with her effort and inventiveness in the final of our first  competition. 

- - - 

50ml Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka
25ml Apple & Pear Chutney
12.5ml Poire William
10ml Lemon Juice
15ml Honey
1 Free Range Organic Large Duck Egg

Place all the ingredients apart from the duck egg into a cocktail shaker and shake with ice. Then strain and add the whole duck egg. Shake again with ice then strain. Finally dry shake and pour into a coupette.

Ducking For Apples is a part of an entire tasting experience exploring food pairing with cocktails. Served on a Black Cow Cheese board. This will comprise of Black Cow cheese, with different elements of pork, homemade Apple & Pear chutney with added Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka, Cow-shaped fennel & poppy seed biscuits, Apple garnishes including apple crisps.

Black Cow