The perfect Dorset Christmas

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14 December 2017
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Our founders Jason Barber and Paul Archard (known as Archie) talk about their perfect Dorset Christmases.
Photo credit: Andy Barnham. 

Photo credit: Andy Barnham

How will you be spending Christmas?
Archie: At home with our family in West Dorset. 
Jason: I will be spending Christmas at Alford near Castle Cary with the in-laws.

What are you hoping to find in your stocking?
Archie: I’d like a nice piece of fresh Scottish wild salmon so we can make our own salmon sashimi to go with some cold vodka for a lovely Christmas treat.
Jason: I'll be hoping to get plenty of coffee and some nice martini glasses to make some great Espresso Mootinis in the coming year.

What will be your Christmas cocktail?
Archie: I’m going to make some Bullshots using beef consommé from my next door neighbour’s Ruby Red herd, to be enjoyed after a lovely Christmas walk. 
Jason: My Christmas cocktail will be a Black Cow Bloody Mary with a spot of sherry. A duck egg yolk might find its way in there as well.

What will you be looking forward to on your festive dinner table?
Jason: Cherries soaked in Worchester Sauce and wrapped in bacon. 
Archie: Roast leg of Childhay goat and some freshly-caught Lyme bay crabs. 

What is your favourite New Year’s Day walk in the West Country?
Archie: We will walk up to Golden Cap and then down and finish at The Anchor Inn at Seatown for a pint of Palmers IPA. 
Jason: My favourite walk would be to the top of Pilsdon Pen Hill where you can see the sea overlooking the Marshwood Vale.

Will you share with us a local hidden gem that you love to visit over the Christmas holidays?
Archie: There’s an amazing walk which is a stretch of abandoned railway line near Powerstock, but it’s so well hidden I can’t quite remember exactly where it is now! There’s also Dorshi in Bridport which is Oriental dim sum and 95% of the ingredients are sourced from Dorset. It’s great and it’s a proper hidden gem. 
Jason: There are plenty of good pubs tucked away around us so I shall be popping in to a couple I'm sure.

Where would your ideal staff Christmas party be?
Archie: Staff party would be at our very own distillery bar at Black Cow HQ, where else?
Jason: We’d have a few drinks at our new distillery bar, then move on to maybe Oscars Wine Bar in Crewkerne. Or Brassica in Beaminster.

Where is the best place for a winter campfire beach party?
Jason: The best place for a winter beach BBQ would be the beach between Lyme Regis and Seaton. But I haven't told you!
Archie: Eype between Seatown and Bridport is a particularly nice, secluded beach.

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