Massimiliano Terrile, Duck & Waffle

Duck and Waffle, London
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Drink: Dictum

Massimiliano, from the well known Duck & Waffle in London, impressed with his savoury martini, Dictum.

Max, said: "My idea came from a dictum very popular among city people to tease countryside guys like me: "Don't tell the farmer how good pears are with cheese". It is the story of a big love and a big secret, the love between two things that do not sound too good together. I matched Black Cow with an Italian blue cheese like Gorgonzola reusing the leftover side of the cheese and a homemade pear liquor using just the hat of the pear."

The Gold Top Cup judges, said: "Max presented us the most challenging flavours of the entire competition. It’s a credit to his bartending ability and experience at the Duck & Waffle, that his cheese and pear, savoury martini was delicious and more-ish - with Black Cow also having good presence. His presentation was entertaining and touching. Max was unlucky to miss out on the trophy, having impressed a great deal at the heats also.”

50ml Black Cow
2 b\s Pear Williams liquor (homemade)
10ml Cheese liquor (homemade)

Stir ingredients together and strain into a Nick and Nora. Garnish with a floating drop of oil with chocolate bitter.

Jemma Moran