Jacob Burnham, The Ox Cheltenham

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The Ox Restaurant, Cheltenham
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Drink: The Nomad

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Jake, said: "The inspiration for this drink came from my first solo travel abroad when I was 18 to Mongolia. The drink represents my time there, the understandings I achieved and mostly the Kumis I drank which became inspiration for Black Cow."

The Gold Top Cup judges, said: "Jake's drink did a brilliant job in telling it’s story in a really, elegant immersive manner. The liquid was similarly elegant in its execution - a deceptively simple recipe but with great flavour complexity. Jake came very close to being the out-right winner and his victory in the Mystery Box round demonstrated his quality.”

The Nomad
50ml Black Cow Vodka
20ml Bramley Apple Shrub
10ml Dorset Tea & Fennel Syrup
A pinch of celery salt

Build all ingredients in a stirring vessel. Add cubed ice and stir. Strain into glassware and garnish with a liquid gold dash and fennel sprig.

Jemma Moran