Erica Brown, Bar Stella

Bar Stella, LA, California
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Drink: Beautiful Bovine

Erica Brown from the iconic Bar Stella in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, impressed our judges with her expertise, talent, passion and knowledge of the Black Cow Vodka and with the creativity of her cocktail. She came up with the Beautiful Bovine (above), which combined Black Cow vodka with fresh basil, tomato water and rock salt, served over a tomato water ice pearl and a side of Black Cow cheese.

Erica, said: "In the 1970s my great aunt and uncle built a house in Tacoma, Washington. It became the hub, where our whole family would meet and celebrate. My great aunt Jo and my mother spent hours in the brick-lined kitchen hand-making pasta and drinking martinis. This is my most visceral memory of family. My mother owns the house now and just remodelled the kitchen, keeping the brick as an homage to aunt Jo. This drink is an homage to the great bond these two women had and the memories they created in this house."

The Gold Top Cup judges, said: “Erica started her presentation in a self-deprecating manner, concerned that her dink was too simple. But what she did was bring together seemingly basic ingredients in a manner that was much more than the sum of its parts. A perfectly balanced, complex, savoury martini was the result. Her drink told her taste moment wonderfully and further we felt her recipe and execution truly championed Black Cow and it’s own ethos.”

Beautiful Bovine
60ml Black Cow Vodka
20ml Fresh basil Tomato water
Pinch of sea salt

Shake and fine strain into a Nick and Nora.
Serve with a tomato water ice pearl.
Add a side of Black Cow cheddar and enjoy together.

Jemma Moran