Darren Lim, Lucky Bar

Lucky Bar, Singapore
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Drink: Halycon Days

Darren Lim all the way from Singapore's Lucky Bar served his cocktail, Halycon Days, with a side of delicious chiffon cake.

Darren, said: "Chiffon cake is one of the most popular cakes in Singapore, available in any cake shops or supermarkets. When I was really young my mum would always bake a pandan orange-flavoured chiffon cake for me, which to me is the best cake in the world. So I took that childhood memory of mine and put it to good use with Black Cow Vodka. The creamy texture of the vodka, accompanied by the sweetness of the honey and the aroma of the pandan together with orange bitters goes hand in hand. When I first made the drink and tried it, flashbacks of how I used to run around the kitchen watching my mum prepare her cake for me came straight to my mind, and I knew there's only one name for this drink - Halcyon Days."

The Gold Top Cup judges, said: β€œIt was a privilege to watch Darren work. He told us a personal story and we truly felt welcomed in to his world. His hospitality skills are enviable. His drink had wonderful nuance and a surprising richness.”

Halycon Days
45ml Black Cow Vodka
15ml Lemon juice
15ml Honey Pandan syrup
1 dash Orange bitters
Garnish with torched Lemongrass and Pandan strips

Jemma Moran