Orange & Vanilla Mootini

Created by oshua Linfitt of Jamie Oliver's Fifteen.

50ml Black Cow
25ml Vanilla infused vermouth
2 inch vanilla pod
Twist of orange

To make Vanilla infused Vermouth: 1 vanilla pod to 50cl of Noilly Pratt french dry Vermouth. Strip a vanilla pod of its tiny seeds and add both the pod and the seeds to the Noilly Pratt Vermouth, allow to infuse over 3 days in a warm place (back of a coffee machine will do perfectly).

After infusion is complete, chinoise and muslin cloth both the pod and all seeds leaving just the vermouth, a clear, amber yellow colour, now allow to return back to room temperature.

Fill boston tin with ice then add with vermouth, stir, then discard half the vermouth. Add vodka and stir to chill, herd orange & vanilla pod into chilled glass. Double strain vodka onto garnish releasing flavours and burst orange zest oils
onto surface of vodka.

- - -

Joshua Linfitt
Jamie Olivers Fifteen

On The Beach, Watergate Bay TR8 4AA