Phil, Dusk Til Pawn, Manchester

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Phil Aldridge
Dusk Til Pawn, Manchester
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Ploughman’s Punch

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Ploughman’s Punch
50ml Black Cow Vodka
15ml Lemon Oil Fat Washed British Bloomsbury Amaro
12.5ml 'Pastry' Syrup
3 drops saline solution
2 drops tartaric acid solution
Lemon Oil Fat Washed Amaro

Infuse olive oil with discarded lemon peel (heat olive oil to a very gentle simmer and shallow fry lemon peel for approx. 10 mins or until very fragrant) then allow to cool.

Fat wash 200ml of Amaro with 64g of lemon infused oil, leave for 4 hours in a zip locked bag, then freeze over night, the next day strain away through muslin cloth any solidified fat.

Pastry syrup - cold infuse 100g of spare pastry that has been baked with 100g of 1:1 simple syrup for 24 hours, clarify using agar agar.

Saline solution/tartaric acid solution; dissolve 3g of each into 100g of tepid water, allow to cool.

Jemma Moran