Marta, Chantecler, Toronto

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Marta Sobiesiak
Chantecler, Toronto
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Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey

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Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey

Inspired by a Linda and Paul McCartney song, the dish and drink are paired to help ease the sting of the morning after a big night out. Uncle Albert being the more delicate part of the song, it relates to the drink. The drink is a nod to Canada's unofficial cocktail, the Caesar. Often sipped at brunch as a sort of hair-of-the-dog, this hearty, savoury, tomato-based drink with an edible garnish can help one ease back into the day. Admiral Halsey being the more boisterous, robust part of the song, it relates to the dish. A hearty plate of penne a la vodka, the perfect food to bring one fully back into the world of the living yet again. 


40ml Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka
40ml tomato water
15ml PX sherry
15ml Ancho chili liqueur
Barspoon rice vinegar
Healthy dashes each lemongrass and smoked chili bitters

Rim small rocks glass with tomato skin-vine-fleur de sel mixture by misting with tomato vine and basil tincture first. Build rest of ingredients in shaker. Shake and strain over fresh ice. Garnish with black cheese tuile (colouring provided by charred onion and garlic skin).

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Getting the dish and drink to near zero food waste

The tomato water was created by blitzing ripe tomatoes in a food processor, then bringing the liquid to a boil to separate the solids. Strain through a linen napkin and chill.  The leftover pulp from the tomato water was used in the pasta sauce, along with blanched, peeled tomatoes. The discarded peels were baked slow and low until crisp. 

The tomato vines, along with some basil, were used to infuse overproof neutral spirit to create a tincture which is used to adhere the cocktail rim to the glass. The spent vines and basil were then also dried out in the oven. These dried ingredients were then blitzed to fine powder in a spice grinder along with a portion of flaky fleur de sel. This was used for the cocktail's rim.

The classic penne a la vodka sauce used, besides fresh tomatoes, Black Cow vodka (of course), fresh cream, parmesan cheese, olive oil, dried herbs and chilis, onions, and garlic.

The skins of the onions and garlic were then charred til black in the oven and blitzed down with some finely grated parmesan and a slight pinch of Black Cow's own cheddar. This mixture was then used to create the blackened cheese tuile that formed the edible garnish on the cocktail. The only piece of food waste leftover was a spent rind of parmesan cheese which had been used to help thicken the sauce itself. 

Jemma Moran