Russell, The Conduit, London

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Russell Hayward
The Conduit, London
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Getting Figgy With It

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Getting Figgy With It
50ml Black Cow Vodka
1 dash saline Solution
2 dash citric solution
15ml Homemade Spiced White Port & Fig reduction
20ml Covert Fig Liqueur
Coconut water ice cubes

White Port reduced down with sugar, vanilla, figs, pecans, cashew nuts, cinnamon and star anise. Once reduced into a thick syrup, set aside the vanilla pods, figs, cashews and pecans to use in the below recipe.

Add reduction to Audemus Covert Fig Liqueur and Black Cow Vodka. Stirred with coconut water ice cubes.

Served in a chilled coupette.

Jemma Moran