Black Cow vodka 50cl

Black Cow Vodka 50cl

Black Cow
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Black Cow is the world's first Pure Milk Vodka. Made from what is left over from milk when making cheese, it has an exceptionally smooth and creamy character. Sip neat, or mix in a long drink or cocktail.

We make our vodka in West Dorset from the milk of cows that graze on the fields surrounding the Black Cow distillery. Black Cow is the original spirit to champion sustainability: it is whey, a by-product of the cheese-making process, that makes our vodka so gloriously smooth.

Dairy farmer Jason Barber and artist Paul Archard recognised the potential of whey back in 2011. By combining the ancient Mongolian tradition of making alcohol from fermented milk, with the Northern European tradition of making high proof, clear, clean vodka they were able to develop an innovative, unique and superior tasting vodka, made entirely from the milk of cows.

Black Cow: A World Of Infinite Possibility

At Black Cow we celebrate the versatility of vodka; its utility allows for experimentation. Cook with it, mix all number of drinks with it, or simply sip it neat. Click for a list of our Signature Serves.

Black Cow, 1x 50cl bottle, 40% ABV. 

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