The Black Cow Cure

Cure drink.jpg

The Black Cow Cure was created at The Savoy by Angelo Sparvoli especially for Cure3.

3 dashes Bitter truth celery bitter
10ml Green tea syrup*
10ml Verjus
10ml Umeshu Choya
40ml Black Cow Vodka
Top up with Furleigh Estate sparkling wine

Stir all the ingredients apart from the sparkling wine. Pour into a rock glass over cubed ice.
Top up with sparkling wine. Discard a grapefruit zest to garnish.

*Green tea syrup:
500 ml hot water
3 green tea bags
1 kg caster sugar

Brew the tea for 2-3 minutes. Take the tea bags out. Dissolve 1kg of caster sugar.

Jemma Moran