Introducing Georgia Billing

How did you hear about Black Cow?
I first met Black Cow at a wine shop in Cambridge, where I was studying my PhD on nutrition and breastfeeding. I was working a lot with milk (cow's and human), and anything milk-related was particularly eye-catching at the time! 

When I completed my studies, I decided to return to the bar industry full-time as a bartender. Bartenders may say that vodka is not exciting, but Black Cow is different - it has a unique creamy texture coming from the raw material, adding an extra dimension to its natural smoothness.

What’s your greatest achievement to date?
Staring my own laboratory with my business partner: Michele Reina. Under Michele's guidance, I have created my own cocktail bitters and liqueurs, and we have produced the first vermouth with no added sugar in the world - Reina Lab Mastrostefano. We are taking the necessary steps to bring it to the market, and I'm excited to see what the industry will think considering the positive feedback we have already received. 

What’s your favourite way to drink Black Cow?
Martini-style! What better way to show off a vodka?

How do people react when you introduce them to Black Cow?
They are usually surprised - positively and negatively! But those who are dubious are easily convinced to try it, and they love it! Even people who have said they hate vodka have told me they would make an exception for Black Cow.   

What’s the weirdest concoction you’ve ever drank?
When I lived in Argentina, a bartender friend of mine made his own coca-leaf liqueur. It's weirdly delicious and unexpected - savoury, herby but not too vegetal, aromatic and mellow, and nothing like any commercially available versions.

What’s the strangest order you have ever been asked to make at the bar?
"Whiskey, neat, on the rocks!" If not confusing enough, the customer was pointing desperately at the rum shelf! It's a good thing I love a challenge... 

Introducing Georgia Billing
14 November 2016
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