Introducing Harry Roper

Introducing Harry Roper
26 June 2017
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Meet our Black Cow ambassador.

How did you hear about Black Cow?
I was working in a small cocktail bar in The Brighton Lanes with an immense back bar. I saw a job post on Facebook looking for a Brand Ambassador for the world’s first Pure Milk Vodka. I looked it up and discovered Black Cow turns a problem into a solution, using excess whey from the UK dairy industry to make a delicious vodka. I turned around and noticed there was a bottle of BCV hidden away on the back bar that I hadn’t ever noticed. I tried it, loved it, and within half an hour I had applied for the role.

What’s your greatest achievement to date?
When I was 11 years old I moved to Spain with my family and started at a local school almost immediately. On my first day of school I only knew the words “hola" and “sacapuntas”, so I could say hello to my pencil sharpener but that was about it. I ended up graduating in the top of my class. I think getting through this and picking up two languages on the way is my greatest achievement so far. I consider Spain one of my two homes, so I’m very happy to have been able to go back and introduce Black Cow to Spanish consumers.

What’s your favourite way to drink Black Cow?
The unique creamy texture really lends itself to most mixers, so what I drink it with often depends on my mood. I do like the “Gold Top Mootini” though. It’s a mix of Black Cow, coffee liqueur and chocolate bitters stirred over ice and served in a chilled martini glass. The idea is it’s like a lactose free White Russian, with the creaminess coming from the vodka. It’s udderly delicious, although I would say that as I came up with it!

How do people react when you introduce them to Black Cow?
By now I’ve had every reaction under the sun. Most people are really interested by the concept and keen to try it, some are sceptical and others outright refuse to try it. The latter never normally stay that way for long as I can be very convincing! Once people try it and hear the story, the reaction is almost always positive.  If I’m really struggling to convince someone I’ll get out my secret weapon… The cheese.

What’s the weirdest concoction you’ve ever drank?
The liquid we brew to make the vodka. It’s a lactose sugar solution left after you spin excess butter from the whey. It’s one of the weirdest things I’ve tasted. It’s definitely not something I’d recommend drinking until the cows come home, but definitely worth asking if there’s any to taste if you’re at the distillery.

What’s the strangest order you have ever been asked to make at the bar?
“A Vodka Mojito without the lime, mint and sugar.” His wife didn’t look too impressed, so he must order his Vodka & Sodas that way a lot…

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